Elmore Court was the venue for Niamh and Chris’s wedding and they were set to have a glorious day weather wise.

I started the day with the groomsmen who were on the whisky by 11am! then up to see Niamh and the bridesmaids who all looked gorgeous. Niamh chose to get married in Painswick church after a visit to the cotswolds and them both falling in love with it. So on to the church and all waiting for the bride to appear….. unfortunately the vintage car had some issues so she was a good 30minutes late leaving Chris to sweat! A beautiful ceremony ensued once the bridal party arrived and we stayed in the grounds of the church afterwards for some photos.

Back to Elmore where the drinks were flowing, some hilarious speeches and a short downpour of rain to give us some gorgeous skies, outside for some smoke bomb fun that didn’t quite go to plan once the boys had hold of them! And a beautiful first dance to finish.