Wells Town Hall Somerset was the venue for this wedding, I felt like this wedding was really kicking off the summer season for me. The countryside is finally green and full of colour, winter is a distant memory, hooray! The wedding was in the town hall, if you’ve been to Wells you’ll know its very pretty but slightly hard to get into and find somewhere to park especially on market day!

I met Amy at the town hall which was surrounded by the weekend market, it really added to the day. Amy was my first bride in blue and she looked stunning. There was a gorgeous ceremony upstairs big high ceilings with the light streaming through, however it was still small and intimate with some lovely readings from friends and family.

Next downstairs to meet the rest of the guests, have a drink and relax. I left Amy and Andy to enjoy their bubbles and guests for a few hours then on to their photos.

I took some of the bridal party through the market and over to the Bishop Palace Gardens where we started the group photos, some good posing here by the boys and girls! The Palace Gardens were just stunning with some great sculptures to add to the photos. I let the rest of the bridal party head back to the town hall and had a good wander round with Amy and Andy, you could spend hours here its all so pretty but I think we made good time and got back within the hour.

Onto the food, drink, and speeches! Andy was presented with a washing up bowel, marigolds and fairy liquid during the father of the brides speech I think if he uses them he will be happily married forever! lastly the dancing, some great dance moves by all I hope it continued well into the night ūüôā

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So here we go first wedding of 2017 at The Great Tythe Barn , Tetbury, Gloucestershire. A first class venue in the beautiful cotswolds.

The day started at Whatley Manor with bubbles, breakfast and make up by Holly Power , the girls were very relaxed and the bridal suite was gorgeous, we got some good shots in and then were soon ready to set off, once Dad had seen his daughter and sorted out his button hole! And the flowers by  Acacia Flowers were in hand.

So on to Tetbury the ceremony was upstairs in the Tythe Barn very intimate and a great song to go down the isle too Jen! The drinks swiftly followed with great music by Fairvuemusic.  I then managed to drag Jenny and Lucas away from there guests for 20minutes to brave the cold and capture some shots I hope they will cherish forever.

Onto dinner and the speeches some great words and stories from Dad hope he didn’t embarrass Jen too much and likewise from the best-man! Brother George was very good as the master of ceremony maybe a new career?

Another trip outside then to brave the now snow for the couple and to capture some shots in the dark not sure I’ll get another wedding this year where it snows! Lastly onto the dance floor to wrap up the night for me, there were some great moves going down!





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Pittville Park Photo Shoot. I love this time of year so much the autumn colours are just gorgeous and in the Cotswolds we have so many nice parks and countryside to take advantage of were so lucky. So the first venue was Pittville Park in the heart of the cotswolds in Cheltenham, ¬†a great place I probably think so because I live here! These photo were for a lovely ladies 80th so was great to get all the family together and hopefully they’ll ¬†cherish them for ever.

Next was on to Stratford Park in Stroud for a three generations shoot, we managed to get some great sunshine here and it just made the autumn colours glow, the youngest was a natural in front of the camera so that made my job easier! I’m sure these photos will all make an appearance again at Christmas as great gifts.

Enjoying the mentorship from Dan Morris Photography

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  1. Fred & Nicola said:
    Hi there. Were getting married in October 14th this year and a friend of purs recommended you. We were wondering if you might be available and if so if youd potentially be interested and if so whether we could chat through our day to get a sense of price?
    5th January 2018  2:10 pm

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Oxford University was the setting for this wedding, simply stunning. The ceremony was in the Magdalen College Chapel which was breathtaking after which the guests went into the cloisters for drinks in the sunshine. The bride and groom then took off on a tandem into Oxford the first I’ve seen at a wedding! which gave the guests a few hours to explore before the evening entertainment. The wedding breakfast was at the Divinity School with the magical Bodleian Library above.

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Tibberton Gloucestershire Wedding. Another great sunny Saturday wedding started with bridal and groom prep at Chris and Clare’s beautiful house with gorgeous gardens and views over May Hill, with three flower girls as well it was a pretty hectic house!

The boys were packed of to the church which gave me time to get some pics of Clare in her dress, then a dash to the nearby church in Tibberton for me to get ready for the bridal parties arrival.

It was a lovely ceremony and the children had a great time with the vicars story time at the end! We then disappeared for 20mins to get some shots of Clare and Chris together and they were then whisked away to the reception. A great couple and I’m sure the rest of their day was a blast.


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