Here we go first wedding of 2018 at the lovely venue Manor by The Lake. Liz and Rich had previously done an engagement shoot with me at Barnsley House so had there posing ready!

Started the day nice and quiet at the Rock Bar with the groomsmen and some G and T’s , Liz made her way over to the bridal suite so it was easy for me to go between the two.

They had a lovely ceremony with the sun shining in from outside, then a quick spin around the grounds for some photos before the cold got to much.

I then left them to enjoy the day capturing the moments from the sidelines, they were great in the evening as managed to go outside braving the weather and get a few nighttime shots well worth it!

Ill let the photos do the talking 🙂



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No 38 The Park Cheltenham, Cotswolds, the truly unique venue for Anthony and Monika’s wedding.

The day started with what I thought was going to be a nightmare getting to the venue as most the roads in Cheltenham were shut due to the cycling British tour coming through later, I wasn’t late though!

Monika and bridesmaids were in the beautiful bridal suite getting ready stunning room, stunning bathroom would recommend a stay here for sure. They were fully underway with the bubbles when I got there and makeup was being wrapped up , all in great spirits ready for the day ahead.

Onto the ceremony at No38 great ceremony room beautiful light really good for photos so I was happy, the sun came out and the huge doors were pulled back which made it a lovely setting for the I do’s.

Next the celebrations these guys can drink! great atmosphere and a lovely bunch of people the drinks were flowing and the canapés doing the rounds. I was watching the clock as the Tour was imminent and they were coming right past the hotel. The guests all went out onto the road bride and groom included as the cyclists came flying past (I’m not used to photographing fast moving objects bit of challenge ha!).

Back into No38 for the wedding breakfast and speeches, as the guests were being seated I took Anthony and Monika for a few photos then let them enjoy the great food.

As the sun was setting later we went over to Pittville Park for a few photos in the evening sun, then the throwing of the bouquet and onto the dancing and cake cutting. It was time for me to go then, lots of very merry guests, I’m sure the hotels “honesty bar” got a bashing well into the night!





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So absolute perfect weather for this wedding at The Great House at Sonning

Started with bridal prep in the hotel Kelly’s hair and makeup well under way when I arrived and bubbles being opened. Onto the church a short drive away for a lovely ceremony and back to hotel a beautiful setting next to the river the sunshine was out and all the guests were on the lawn a gorgeous day for it.

I took Kelly and Simon of in the evening as the sun was setting for a walk down the river and some photos it was a perfect evening , then inside for the cake cutting and dancing , the kids were loving the dance floor I’m sure it continued well into the night!

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So another beautiful Cotswold venue for Sarah and Toms special day at The Hare and Hounds Tetbury . The sun was shining when I arrived and this venue has the best private cottage for a bridal party getting ready including a hot tub its definetly worth a stay! They were all in great spirits hair and make up in progress and bubbles flowing.

On to the church St.Mary’s in Tetbury stunning on the inside with the box pews and a good walk down the aisle so if you want to make an entrance this is it 🙂 A great service and we did a super long confetti run on the way out, then Sarah and Tom were swept back to the hotel.

Onto the reception out side on the lawns whilst the sun was shining and drinks flowing, I took Sarah and Tom of for some quick photos then let them enjoy the rest of the day. Ill let the photos do the talking.

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The Manor House Castle Combe is a real hidden gem in the beautiful cotswolds, its a fairy tale wedding venue thats for sure.

As I went to primary school a very long time ago in Castle Combe I know it well, my once primary school is no more and is a nice big house now! If your ever in this area of the world I’d strongly recommend a visit. Castle Combe is like stepping into a film set, and has been used for many blockbusters, its totally unspoilt and really is worth a visit.

The bride to be Angalee fitted the role beautifully of fairy tale princess in this awesome setting, we started with bridal prep and had a lovely view from the room of all the guests starting to arrive for the wedding on the lawns. Anjalee was ahead of schedule and ready to go once her Dad and brother arrived.

All disney princess’s need a horse and carriage and I must say Anjalee’s entrance to her wedding was amazing, in they swept through the gates along the drive with the river below guests seated on the other side, over the bridge and onto the lawns and to a halt at the bottom of the aisle where her father was waiting. The ceremony was lovely with the exchange of flower garlands and lighting of the eternity candles.

Onto the reception, the weather was great so guests mainly stayed on the lawns, I took Anjalee and Greg of for a wander around the Italian gardens for there photos, then it was time for the food and a quick change of outfit for the bride. In the evening we went out for a second lot of photos with the new dress and then on to the dancing! some great dance moves, and I’m sure they continued well into the night!

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